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+30 Stunning Arched window curtains and treatment ideas

A lot of custom homes built nowadays include arched windows. There are many arched window treatments. The amount of light entering in the living space, determine the curtains type that works best. Some rooms may need arched window curtains that filtering light, while other rooms may require that blocks light completely. Some arch window curtain designs remain stationary, while others are adjusted to provide the right amount of light in a room.

Arched Windows Curtains: Elegant and functional

Arched windows or arched look give an attractive and elegant look to any room. However, sometimes it can be difficult to hang curtains that give the window its best design. The aim is to enrich the unusual shape rather than hide it. The arched window treatment you choose will also depend on your decorating style, you have to decide if you want functional curtains that completely block light or arch windows curtains that only play a decorative role.

Conventional CurtainsThe easiest arched window treatm…

Ultimate guide to metallic epoxy floor paint

A complete guide to self leveling floor paint: Advantages, how does it costs, how to install and some design options for metallic epoxy painted floors
Epoxy floor paint has recently become popular, and it's also in high demand. The Self leveling epoxy paint appeal is that they are resistant to shock, water-resistant, durable and do not need for a great deal of care. Suffice it to wet cleaning it will shine again. plus, the attraction of their wear resistance, which reaches with the right care to 20 and sometimes up to 40 years.
Epoxy flooring are considered to be among the most resistant to moisture and exposure to aggressive chemicals: acids, alkalis and solvents. These floors can be washed with hot water and almost any detergent. They're preferred in rooms with high humidity.

silver metallic epoxy paint for self-leveling living room floor coating

The Advantages of Self-leveling Epoxy flooring:

1- Durability:The use of epoxy floor coating pay off during the operation due to the durability (removing the need for repairs) and high reliability. For proper operation of epoxy service life can reach 15 years or more.2- Wear resistance: Epoxy painted floors have extremely high wear and abrasion resistance. They successfully resist the abrasive action exerted by wheeled transport and automotive studded tires.

dark epoxy paint for living room floor coating

3- Heat resistance: Epoxy flooring is resistant to low and high temperatures, can withstand temperature shocks and sudden changes. They can be used in commercial refrigerators and freezers, boilers, etc.

4- Impact resistance, resistance to vibration loads: Epoxy flooring successfully resist impact load from falling heavy objects, vibrations from the working machine tools and other equipment, shear forces when moving them handcarts on rubber or plastic track.

5- Chemical resistance: Of all kinds of polymeric materials the best solution to make the base of the high chemical resistance - epoxy self-leveling floors. They have an exceptionally high resistance to aggressive chemicals, solvents, acids, alkalis, salts, oil products.

6- Elasticity: Epoxy floors have a very high elasticity. This applies in particular to the polyurethane coating . When used overlap cracks in the concrete base, they are able to withstand high impact loads. Thus the basic surge voltage is distributed around the point of impact, which prevents the destruction of the coating and the concrete screed.

metallic epoxy floor coating for luxury interior designs

7- Harmlessness, hygienic: Epoxy flooring paint fully comply with all requirements of sanitary-epidemiological norms. In the applied state of polyurethane and epoxy floors are absolutely harmless. They do not keep bacteria and microorganisms, which is very important when choosing a coating for medical institutions and industries related to food. The floors are completely sealed. They are easy to clean, including automatic washing high-pressure machines.

8- Dustless: Leveling Epoxy painted floor - this is the best solution to the problem of dusting concrete floors . They are indispensable in terms of pure and fine productions.

In addition to these advantages:
seamless, smooth, fire and spark-proof, aesthetic, decorative.
A wide range of properties and the variety of designs filler coatings can run the floor with almost any given performance level.

Metallic Epoxy paint Prices:

Metallic epoxy floor paint is more cost effective, the prices of the squared meter range from $30 to $40.
Here're some website you can shop online from: alibaba, aliexpress

Epoxy coating for floors Installation:

Step 1. Cleaning the surface and measure the future area of ​​coverage.
If the floor is linoleum, it must be removed. Ceramic tile and wood do not serve as an obstacle to the perception of self-leveling floor in the event that they do not vibrate and do not bend.

Step 2. Make a floor perfectly flat: grind and lock all the bumps, cracks and fill with cement.

Step 3. Use a detergent to degrease and well wash the floor.

Step 4. Cut the self-adhesive fiberglass into individual squares of the same size - as much as would be needed for the room.

Step 6. Mix the epoxy adhesive-sealant with UV blocker, and fill the entire coating.

Step 7. After the distribution of the mixture must be carefully go over the surface with a spiked roller to dislodge any air bubbles from the material, and to walk on the floor in the studded shoe. Needles roll should be longer than the thickness of the layer of self-leveling floor. Pour a layer of material on the floor, smooth it and get rid of the bubbles, you need an average of 30-40 minutes, after this time, the floor begins to freeze.

When working with materials carefully read the instructions! Be especially careful in the preparation of the base mixture, keep the proportions! Excess water can lead to negative consequences, the desired effect will not work; and the lack of moisture will not allow to easily distribute the mixture, as it will be very thick. In the opinion it is recommended to use a respiratory mask and gloves to protect your hands.

Tools and materials:

For the installation of self-leveling floor requires not so many tools, but in the absence of at least one of them is possible incorrect installation, followed by swelling and destruction.

    Here is a list of necessary tools:

  • Capacity for mixing solution.
  • Ribbon to indicate gender boundaries.
  • Spatulas.
  • Mixer or nozzle on the drill.
  • Needle roller.
  • Rule.
  • Individual protection means.
  • Special clothes and shoes.

Metallic Epoxy floor designs:

Metallic blue epoxy floor paint for interior flooring
metallic epoxy floor paint for kitchens

leveling epoxy painted floor designs

gloss metallic epoxy painted floor designs

multi colored leveling epoxy floor paint for entrance

I would say that the self-leveling epoxy painted floors are durable, versatile for installation in any environment and is absolutely fireproof. Their installation requires no special skills. They are very ergonomic and allow to realize any design solutions.
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