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+30 Stunning Arched window curtains and treatment ideas

A lot of custom homes built nowadays include arched windows. There are many arched window treatments. The amount of light entering in the living space, determine the curtains type that works best. Some rooms may need arched window curtains that filtering light, while other rooms may require that blocks light completely. Some arch window curtain designs remain stationary, while others are adjusted to provide the right amount of light in a room.

Arched Windows Curtains: Elegant and functional

Arched windows or arched look give an attractive and elegant look to any room. However, sometimes it can be difficult to hang curtains that give the window its best design. The aim is to enrich the unusual shape rather than hide it. The arched window treatment you choose will also depend on your decorating style, you have to decide if you want functional curtains that completely block light or arch windows curtains that only play a decorative role.

Conventional CurtainsThe easiest arched window treatm…

25 Relaxing paint color combinations for living room and bedroom

What are the best relaxing paint colors for bedroom and living room?
Here, we’ll focus on relaxing paint colors, and relaxing color ideas. Particularly on relaxing bedroom paint colors and relaxing colors for living room.
While we think about the choice of colors, it has a strong influence in our lives. Colors can affect our moods and thoughts.
Our emotional response to colors is strong, our perceptions of colors are different; it depends on the age, ethnic backgrounds and local climate. In addition to the natural reaction of the body, in the perception of color plays an important role experience. We were taught that the color pink - for baby girls and blue - for boys, the bride's white dress that shows her purity and innocence, the red color on the street passing orders to stop.
The specific color or group of colors can cause different reactions in people. Colors of clothes can give us confidence, strength or on the contrary, creating a sense of unease. The colors in the house encourage or hinder the family interview and may even cause insomnia. Therefore it is very important to choose the right color.

Relaxing bedroom paint colors:

Bedroom- is a place where a person spends a third of his life. Comfortable room for sleep and rest, not only helps to relax after a hard day's work, but also serves as a romantic place.

1- The Color-Purple:

creates an atmosphere of tranquility and romance.
Purple has romantic overtones, but less intensively expresses it, than red or pink. Violet belongs to the cold side of the spectrum and is able to create a peaceful, harmonious
feeling, especially when used with bright colors (lavender).

purple interior with relaxing bedroom paint color ideas
purple bedroom ideas with relaxing color scheme
relaxing bedroom color scheme of purple white combination
relaxing colors for living room purple shades combination

2- The Color-Beige:

Beige color is not only brightening up the shortcomings in the room, but it will go well with a palette of bright colors:
· Lime
· Golden.
· Yellow.
· Pink.
· Peach.
beige bedroom interior design with relaxing paint color ideas
relaxing paint colors for living room interiors beige color schemes

3- The Shades of Cyan:

Keep calm, monochromatic, related colors.

relaxing paint colors for living room cyan color scheme
Related colors are next to each other on the color wheel, and monochromatic colors are the colors of the same color but different shades. Both color schemes have a stylish, attractive uniform.
cyan wall paint relaxing living room paint colors

4- Gray-purple and gray-pink:

relaxing bedroom paint color ideas grey pink combination
One of the most spectacular relaxing bedroom paint colors, beautiful and sensual combinations - blue-violet .And this applies to all shades of purple - from the delicate lavender and lilac to deep purple.
relaxing living room color ideas

You can combine a gray-purple trim, for example, three walls to make gray, and the fourth issue accent purple wallpaper. Purple curtains, bright purple lampshade and other home furnishings in purple color support tone accent wall and make a harmonious interior.

relaxing colors for living room pink grey color scheme

5- The Shades of Green:

Green - the color of nature. Using the green, you can arrange a bedroom in natural style.

monochrome green relaxing color scheme for bedroom interior
green bedroom ideas relaxing paint colors for bedrooms

Any shade of green goes well with "caramel" tones: cream, beige, cream, linen, golden.
The tandem green with shades of beige are suitable for the interior in any style from classic to cutting edge.
relaxing colors for living room interior green color schemes
Is it possible to combine green and blue? Yes, if you want to create a relaxing bedroom that looks as if it prevails cool and fresh air. Equitable combine green is not necessary with a blue Let one color dominates, and the second is added to the minimum quantities in the form of "color drops."

6- The Shade of Pink:

Very light and soft shade of pink makes the interior bedroom bright and warm at the same time.

relaxing bedroom paint color schemes pink shades
Of course, the Pink in the interior more suited to girls, but now it's about what kind of effect creates a pink color, and how it affects our brain. Pastel shade of pink can be very soothing, it must be very light in color, almost white, but warmer. You can add background working emphasis in pink color, but with a brighter hue.

Relaxing colors for living room:

The living room is one of the busiest rooms in the house, where we receive guests and the living room design reflects  the overall impression of the house. Thus, for the decoration of the living room, it is important to choose the right color, which will be the basis for an attractive home atmosphere.

1- The Deep Blue:

Blue Living acquire special elegance. Since the blue color symbolizes success, generosity, confidence, stability, with each passing day it becomes more and more popular in the design of the home central room.

relaxing paint colors for living room deep blue and white
Deep-blue tones resembling the color of jeans, ideal for living room design that looks like a "creative youth", where the interior is a bright palette of turquoise, embodied in hi-tech and classic.Use deep blue color in the interior should be carefully and thoughtfully. The blue tone is like the sun and natural light. Therefore, it can be safely used in rooms with windows facing south, south-east or south-west. Shady room without direct sunlight illuminated color and go to the north, the blue color can make a cold and gloomy.  

2- The combination of Gray and Yellow:

This combination is stunningly spectacular as relaxing colors for living room because yellow on gray background begins to "burn", as the electric lamp. For this reason, a yellow color used in the combination is less than gray. Present a yellow blotch. If the yellow is too much, "glow" effect is lost.

relaxing colors for living room yellow wall paint and grey furniture

All the walls or most of the walls painted in gray. Furniture can be installed gray, black, white or wood color. The yellow color in the interior is introduced in small amounts: it may be, for example, one yellow chair, a yellow strip wall and a yellow shade.

3- Pale Pink:

pink gives a lot of positive emotions, such as tenderness, ease, sensuality, sensitivity, warmth and even hope.

pale pink relaxing living room paint colors
Try to design the interior of your living room in a pink color and will realize how extremely comfortable in it will be. In fact, such a room promotes relaxation and the universe of optimism.
Designers advise to combine pink with another color hue. Successful combinations can be called a combination of pink color with such shades like chocolate, white, black, gray, green, blue and beige. 

4- White and Black:

black and white relaxing color combinations for living room
If you’re interested in relaxing color ideas, the combination of black and white in the interior speaks of a fairly active and emotional ability to live, and desire to somehow compensate for the stress of everyday life and its psychological pressure.White color, in contrast to the black, is always associated with something beautiful in life, the virgin purity of its bearer. On the other hand in the interior of this color may cause a feeling of coolness atmosphere in the room.
Just want to warn. The general rule of designs in any case is not to use black and white in the same proportion. One of these colors should dominate. No matter which – black, or white. This is your choice. It depends on what you want to get as a result. Otherwise, such an interior will have a negative impact.

5- White and Gray:

One of the most spectacular, beautiful and sensual combinations are white and gray.
Gray psychology carries special significance. It is the result of mixing classic colors - black and white. Incidentally, this color can be seen even by people who suffer from color blindness.
gray and white combination relaxing paint colors for living rooms
If you plan to combine gray with white , you can choose not pure white color that will "burn" on the background of gray, making it harder and sharper, and a creamy shade (white with a light, barely perceptible yellowness). Creamy tones soften the gray, and the interior is gentler that way.

6- Blue and Orange:

Orange - the warmest color in the palette, and it's not even that it is not warmer, it just will always be so, regardless of supply and combination with other colors. So that it should be used with caution, because it is a very energetic color.

relaxing paint colors for bedroom and living room (blue-orange)
Shades of orange are numerous, it is only in combination with a brown color, it gives a complex shades such as terracotta, ocher, copper, mahogany. These shades prefer to create an interior in oriental style and they will be good for living rooms.When working with orange-blue interiors, there is one obstacle. The color of the furniture does not match the color of the walls. It is necessary to maintain the tone, but it is better if they are used in different transitions tint or contrast effect. That is, if the walls are orange, make furniture and in the orange color, but lighter or darker, and so as the blue. So it is possible to achieve compatibility and a clear definition of the boundaries of objects.


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