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+30 Stunning Arched window curtains and treatment ideas

A lot of custom homes built nowadays include arched windows. There are many arched window treatments. The amount of light entering in the living space, determine the curtains type that works best. Some rooms may need arched window curtains that filtering light, while other rooms may require that blocks light completely. Some arch window curtain designs remain stationary, while others are adjusted to provide the right amount of light in a room.

Arched Windows Curtains: Elegant and functional

Arched windows or arched look give an attractive and elegant look to any room. However, sometimes it can be difficult to hang curtains that give the window its best design. The aim is to enrich the unusual shape rather than hide it. The arched window treatment you choose will also depend on your decorating style, you have to decide if you want functional curtains that completely block light or arch windows curtains that only play a decorative role.

Conventional CurtainsThe easiest arched window treatm…

3D Flooring fantasy: A guide to installing epoxy floor designs

Awesome guide to 3D flooring installation and advice about 3D bathroom floor choosing, 3D floor prices and creative designs of inspirational art.
3D bathroom flooring in general is clearly a work of art on a large scale, which will change the idea we have of flooring radically. They are achieved by 4 layers, one above the other. The first layer is a self-leveling base, which provides the safety and soundness of any conventional floor. Above this first layer, the picture will reveal the final finish, which can be a photo, a drawing or whatever we want to install. After the two-component transparent polymer, the thickener and hardener layer is injected, them it ends by applying the final layer of a protective coating.

3D Epoxy flooring - Bathroom or Ocean?

charming 3D bathroom floor like deep sea
The 3D floor designs are the epitome of exclusivity and customization, and the possibility to convert any artistic design into a fantastic and high resistant floor. 3D floor art is able to create different environments in one space. With the simulation effect it can provide a carpet with a coating of porcelain.

3D flooring designs - 3D bathroom floor murals
It is a completely continuous paving without joints. Your cement origin gives an industrial and modern, smooth and shiny appearance to your interior. An alternative laminate, tiles and vinyl are widely used in most modern decorations.

3D floor art Review

Awesome 3D floor art: interior design fantasy
The 3D floor art is something increasingly common in our new world, so that the world of decoration that we ever dreamed isn't too far afterall, behind this wonderful optical effects. With such effects, we're able to completely renew the aesthetic view of our homes.  Magic 3D flooring is transforming the interior into a visual game where the rooms become almost impossible. As already seen, the new decoration in soils is 3D floor art. This also considerably facilitates cleaning as this type of soil already used in supermarkets and leisure centers but now, you can use them to give a rapid touch to the bathroom in your home! Moreover being very resistant, because of withstand extreme temperatures and friction.

3d flooring 2017

The 3D bathroom floor is a new technology for the manufacture of floors with a huge range of decorative finishes. As you see, with these 3D flooring we can recreate the seabed, the bed of a river, the edge of the beach, ocean with dolphins, the crystal water of a paradise beach or whatever we want, since you can choose the image you prefer as the background of the design.

Features and Benefits

fantastic 3D floor art for living room interior design
This technology differs from others in many aspects:
  • attractiveness and originality;
  • the opportunity to make a lot of fantasy and design decisions;
  • high resistance to various kinds of mechanical damage;
  • long service life and high water resistance;
  • no dust emission from the inside floor covering;
  • high resistance to moisture and chemicals;
  • can be mounted on any base;
  • easy operation with hygienic coatings.

    3D Flooring Prices

    Bedroom 3D floors -  3D flooring ideas
    Prices of 3D flooring are one of the disadvantages of this new technology. It is higher than the laminate; comparing to the cost of good parquet. But on the other hand, the 3D flooring has a number of indisputable advantages, completely covers the price disadvantage. And not only in quality but also in the ease of installation of this decorative floor.

    The cost of 3D flooring depends on several factors:

    • 3D flooring art with dolphin and sea charm
    • Whether it's a brand ready-made solution or a dry mix for preparing floor coverings.
    • The complexity of work.
    • The type of work (the art of drawing).
    • The Specialist who is working on filling the floor.
    • The last point is directly dependent on the final cost. If you work by yourself, you'll have to pay only for the coating materials. Today, their prices range from 4 to $ 140 per 1 square meter. This price includes the mixture and pattern (3D image, the cost of paint and protective lacquer).
    • If work is carried out by the construction team, the cost per square meter can be easily multiplied by 1.5; including the cover, and the wage of specialists.
    3d bathroom floor murals designs

    If the installation of decorative 3D flooring requires the involvement of a professional artist or designer, it is difficult to say how much the work will cost in the end. Question fee in this case is individual. The complexity of hand-painted, the time period of work, as well as some other subjective factors greatly increase the cost of 3D floors. Usually artists take an hourly fee, so you need to take into account the fact that their work will cost more than the coating itself.

    3d floor designs for bathroom

    Recommendations for choosing the design

    Buying 3D floor designs and coating materials can be done now from home. Huge varieties of online stores with construction equipment and materials allows you to select the desired coverage, both in color and number. But do not forget to buy from a famous and reputable store, considering the unreasonable risk, because the 3D floor is of fairly expensive material. In addition, no one is safe from fraudsters, who at a high price can sell defective goods to frivolous buyers.
    epoxy 3d floor murals for modern living room designs 2017

    Installing 3D flooring with your own hands

    3D floor art for modern interior design
    How do I fill 3D floor with my hands? This question here is not so much about the professionalism of many of such qualities as patience, accuracy, creativity. The entire process can take from 5 to 20 days, but the result will be worth it.

    Epoxy 3D flooring art murals for modern bathroom-design

    Remembering some of the rules and knowing the technique of 3D floor, its installation will not cause difficulties even for a beginner. Fortunately, today the Internet resources are literally full of recommendations for this type of work. It will also view several master classes or video-based casting coating which visibly demonstrate the entire technology from start to finish.

    The Precautions

    living room 3D floor floral design
    With self-mount 3D floor, you should take into account the following:
    1. Design and preparation of the starting coating (base) is more important than finishing pouring!
    2. Humidity of foundation - an important point, and ignoring it entails destruction of the cover! Mount the 3D floor need only a dry floor!
    3. If you plan to go with the image of a floor or special effects, it is necessary to think in advance floor design. After drying, you will not be able to finish or correct the image!
    4. Compliance with the terms of drying the floor and prevent drafts and damp at the time of its installation. Better to wait an extra day than to hurry up and ruin everything!

    List of tools 

    3D flooring designs for hallway
    Depending on what kind of 3D floor you're going to install, you will need certain tools and instruments. In general, a set of identical, but it may be supplemented by some materials. For example, when installing the 3D bathroom floor murals and need special effects (chips, coins, photo stickers, and so on).
    For hand-painted floor, you will need brushes and paints of different colors. You must also take into account that the mounting of decorative 3D floor may include both the first, second and third layer. Here is a list of tools, which is required when installing any filler cover:

    Simple 3D flooring murals for modern bedroom flooring

    • Tank mixing solution.
    • The edge tape for installation on the perimeter of the room.
    • Electric mixer or nozzle for drills.
    • Spatulas of various sizes.
    • Needle roller or squeegee blade on a long handle.
    • Special footwear.
    • Personal protective equipment (gloves, mask, protective suit).

    Installation of 3D Floor designs involves several steps

    3D floor art: 3d flooring to use in the interior
    • surface preparation;
    • applying the base - polymer alignment layer;
    • sticker or drawing pictures;
    • pouring a transparent resin component;
    • applying a topcoat - resistant wear layer.
    Installing decorative coating is similar to the arrangement of conventional self-leveling floors. However, with some nuances. Some of them - surface preparation. This requirement is dictated by the thickness of a small 3D floor. The composition of the preparatory work is to organize mechanical ventilation, as the polymers used to fill the surface, very toxic. Respiratory in this case does not help.

    Instead of drawing photo, you can use colored sand, pebbles, crystals, dried flowers, leaves, and other decorative materials. The temperature in the room where you plan to install 3D floor should not be less than ten degrees.

    Surface preparation

    amazing 3D floor designs for bathroom with seashells effects
    The preparatory phase involves preparing the base floor. This may be various work: removal of old flooring, baseboards and doors in the room. In rooms with high humidity, it requires an installation of waterproofing, which increases the life of the 3D floor.

    Then, on the waterproofing layer must perform the concrete floor or level the surface of the cement-sand mortar. After complete drying of the base must be thoroughly sanded using a sander. If there is none, you can apply a conventional grinder with a diamond disk with a diameter of eighteen centimeters. Large projections must be removed or a chisel hammer. Cracks, chips and cracks filled with cement mortar (you can use a composition based on epoxy resin).
    When the concrete surface will be perfectly smooth, clean up the mess, dust, remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner. If you find oil stains, they should also be removed.
    It should be noted also that the 3D floors do not like the excess moisture. Therefore, concrete or cement-sand screed must be given time to dry completely - at least thirty days. And to carry out follow-up work is necessary when humidity is not more than fifty percent.
    Now the prepared concrete substrate should be primed. The primer will fill even the smallest pores, deeply penetrated into the interior of the concrete. This ensures the best connection of the base layer of decorative 3D floor with a concrete base.

    For the primer used with a short nap roller, flat brush or spatula. Blot must be in two layers, allowing the first coat to dry thoroughly.

    The polymer alignment layer

    Awesome 3d bathroom floor murals with waves effect
    To do this transition at least four hours after priming (but not later than one day).
    The base layer of a polymeric floor, which according to its performance characteristics ideally suited for subsequent patterning. What is also necessary.
    If you plan to install 3D floor with artificial or natural materials, the base layer is the background. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to its tone and quality of installation.
    Special formulations based on polymers are applied directly to the screed floor. To do this clear polymer blend finish floor with a special solvent in a ratio of 2: 1 using a special mixer (optional manual stirring strongly fit). The polymer mixture should be cooked in small portions, as it begins to harden after half an hour.
    For the composition of the surface. The base is leveled by the rules and special spiked roller, which it's main purpose is to remove air bubbles from the column base. Looking forward to its full polymerization (no less than twenty-four hours)

    Then you need to check the evenness of the base level. To dry the polymer base, it is necessary to wait about seven days. If you plan to decor the floor with small objects (shells, stones, etc.), then waiting for the complete drying of the base layer is not necessary.

    Putting figure

    3D bathroom flooring fantasy
    After complete drying of the base (about twenty-four hours), you can start decorating the floor.
    There are two ways to create an image for 3D floors:
    1. Drawing special paints (acrylic or polymer);
    2. Gluing the finished image.
    The first method is certainly the most reliable and effective. But at the same time, it is quite expensive. Firstly, the materials for creating images on the floor, stable to UV rays over long periods of operation, are not cheap. Secondly, the major cost is the work of the artist. After all, the overall impression of a decorative polymer floor depends on the quality of the image.

    If you use the first method of drawing, then dried paint subsequently applied with layer of protective varnish. Thus, the image will be protected from further manipulation above the floor.
    A more common way to label the finished image. To do this, any desired and appropriate to the overall style of the room drawing process in a graphical editor (stretch, correct color, adjust brightness, contrast) and printed on heavy media size.
    Printed images are available at any printing house. Moreover, the resolution should be more than 1440 dpi, and the print of the image should be done on matte satin. It should also take into account that the image size should be slightly larger than the size of the future decorative floor. Excess can always be cut. And hide under a layer of transparent polymer, the joints are unlikely to succeed.

    To date, the most popular option of drawing the image of the substrate are banner fabric with thermal printing and vinyl. Incidentally, the main item of expenditure in the production of 3D floor is connected with a 3D printing of pictures. Of course, it will be cheaper than the remuneration of the artist. But, nevertheless, the cost per square meter figure of approximately one hundred dollars.

    Pouring the transparent resin component

    welcoming 3D bathroom floor beach shaped
    First, calculate the necessary amount of the transparent resin layer. Note that the image is applied to at least three millimeters polymeric composition. At this thickness, an average of one square meter of the processing goes for four and a half kilograms of a transparent floor.
    Calculating the flow of polymeric material is mixed in a clean container of sufficient volume of all the components to the transparent floor. To do this, use a drill with a special nozzle.
    For the clear solution and leveling on the floor with a rule on the surface. Use the needle roller to "expel" all the air from the interior floor. The rolled up until the composition starts to thicken. The solution maintains its turnover from about 15 to 40 minutes (depending on the manufacturer of the floor).
    Move on only the surface of the decorative 3D floor flooded only by special shoes, which its soles are high spikes to increase the strength of the covering.
    3D bathroom floor: murals dolphins on the floor
    The time of complete drying of the 3D floor depends on the thickness of the polymer layer, temperature and humidity. The average for the final curing is needed from one to three weeks.
    The application of the protective layer:
    Additionally, to protect the 3D floor from mechanical or chemical damage, as well as extend the life of 3D floor, you can use the protective lacquer. Many market offers a huge range of paints, which are shockproof, and even anti-slip characteristics. Additionally, most species of the protective properties of the material used to allow maintenance cleaning using any detergent.

    Instead of conclusion

    3D floor is not too difficult. Therefore, to make such a decorative covering for each effect. It is necessary to follow the technology to work accurately and use high-quality materials. In addition, the installation of 3D floor with your hands significantly save money.


    1. Epoxy 3D floor is as cold as tiles or concrete, so you should consider where best to use them.

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