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+30 Stunning Arched window curtains and treatment ideas

A lot of custom homes built nowadays include arched windows. There are many arched window treatments. The amount of light entering in the living space, determine the curtains type that works best. Some rooms may need arched window curtains that filtering light, while other rooms may require that blocks light completely. Some arch window curtain designs remain stationary, while others are adjusted to provide the right amount of light in a room.

Arched Windows Curtains: Elegant and functional

Arched windows or arched look give an attractive and elegant look to any room. However, sometimes it can be difficult to hang curtains that give the window its best design. The aim is to enrich the unusual shape rather than hide it. The arched window treatment you choose will also depend on your decorating style, you have to decide if you want functional curtains that completely block light or arch windows curtains that only play a decorative role.

Conventional CurtainsThe easiest arched window treatm…

35 Hidden Kitchens, Tricks to Hide the kitchen for space saving

How about hiding the kitchen when you do not need to use it? Yes, this is possible. Just hide everything (including appliances) in the cupboards. How to hide a kitchen? The starting point is to define what will be used in the hidden kitchen - dishes, metals and electronics - to know where to install each element. "People are wrong to not worry about the measures of appliances. Ideally check everything before making the cabinets, so that there is no space left and things fit together in the end, "said Cristina Barbara, interior designer.
in this article I will show Creative ideas to design unique hidden kitchen and how to hide kitchen in cupboards.

how to hide a kitchen to save space

Another important point is to plan the position of the niches in the cupboards to get more amplitude  in the hidden kitchens. "It is essential to think about storage. The tip is to get easy access to drawers with cutlery dividers and internal shelves with pots and dishes. But also ensure that the refrigerator and stove are near to the sink counter" says Erica Salgueiro, architect. Caution only with the use of pull-outs as they take up much space inside and hamper access to small items.

Hidden kitchen designs with island in sight
However, hidden kitchen is the most expensive renovation. The cost design varies according to the number of drawers, technological devices for doors and even the interior lighting system chosen. Prepare to spend between  $ 5,000 and  $ 20,000 (in high standard models).
The built-in hidden kitchen cabinets can be floor to ceiling design, especially when the environment has high ceilings. This feature is important because it helps to save space and avoid the accumulation of dirt on top of the kitchen cabinets.

hidden kitchens as freestanding column
Another caution when fitting the cabinets is set all the electrical and plumbing points. The essential task is to facilitate the work in the kitchen and allow, for example, the inclusion of the sink inside the furniture. Electrical preparation should cover the installation of exhaust fans, if the stove is also built. This measure helps to eliminate any odors, although not fully reduce local dirt (requiring periodic cleaning to remove grease and moisture furniture). The alternative for easy cleaning is investing in parts  made ​​of glass, formica and stainless steel - that are easy to maintain materials.

hidden kitchens ideas and tricks

They are invisible, but are fully equipped and thoughtfully designed with maximum functionality. Hidden kitchens In a cupboards, as free-standing columns with movable independent modules or sliding doors, hidden kitchens allow us to keep everything in order, with everything you need on hand and make the most of the space in small homes. They can also serve as a second kitchen on the porch or in a multipurpose room. Whatever the use to be given, these proposals will help us create a practical, integrated and comprehensive hiden kitchen design.

Creative hidden kitchen designs and models

compact hidden kitchen in cupboards - kitchen design ideas
compact hidden kitchen in cupboards. This kitchen has elegant and minimalist appearance in the room as if it is a piece of furniture. Monoblock model is the ON / OFF designed by Alberto Colonello for the Italian company Boffi , which allows to hide this fully integrated kitchen in the furniture structure. You have several options to create a composition that fits the available space, with benefits from very basic to more complex with laundry included.

small hidden kitchen design ideas - behind a blind
Hide a kitchen behind a blind.
In very small apartments or studios small size kitchen is usually provided with respect to the meters. So if it is a minimal composition, it is advisable to opt for a hidden kitchen behind an enclosure vertical blinds. This is useful to visually lighten up a space so that there are no devices, utensils or cabinets are in sight, more open feeling transmits the environment as a whole.

contemporary hidden kitchens 2016 integrated in rustic interior
contemporary hidden kitchen in rustic home
Structure with overhead doors. They are one of the most attractive options for how to hide a kitchen. In this project, a coating of steel plate serves as a front for this integrated industrial style hidden kitchen in a rustic atmosphere. The upper part is opened by a motor to expose the work area, water and cooking. When it be closed, it seems a decorative wall rusty texture. It is a design of the German company Warendorf.

hidden kitchens with doors (sliding-folding)

how to hide contemporary kitchen behind folding doors
Hidden kitchens behind folding doors. Choosing the same color as the walls can create a space that is completely unnoticed. When the doors are closed, it is an option that frees ample space to devote to other use, as a rest area to be with family, reading, chatting with friends ... When you open the doors, the room is transformed into a large kitchen. Thanks to the absence of handles on the doors, an effect of full integration is generated. Yes, it is an option that requires some space around to opening them.

hidden kitchen design ideas - partially hidden behind folding door
Partially hidden kitchen. Instead of hiding the full kitchen, it can be applied to a very specific part of the kitchen, including pantry area, a space that is difficult to keep in order. In this case, it has been equipped with an internal counter that provides extra work surface for cooking.

contemporary hidden kitchen design ideas - with sliding door
How to hide kitchen With sliding doors. As if it is a wardrobe, fully equipped kitchen is hidden behind a sliding door. Opening it enables you to cook in complete comfort. In these cases it is necessary to leave enough distance between the kitchen furniture and the wall to work comfortably.

Island in sight. Another hidden kitchen idea is to hide only appliances, pantry and storage area to expose only the island with sink and work area. Make sure it's sliding doors glide smoothly, if not their use will not be impractical. This design is signature of Elmar Cucine 

freestanding hidden kitchen design ideas
freestanding hidden kitchen in columns: Hidden kitchens In columns and independent modules. It is one of the latest proposals of the signing of Italian kitchens Dada , the model Tìvali designed by Dante Bonuccelli, which consists of independent modules that can be placed in any area of the house. They are very avant - garde furniture, perfect for generating flow in open spaces. There are different types of modules and separate columns so it is the model that lets you design a kitchen easily according to your tastes and needs.

integrated hidden kitchen as a part of home library
hidden kitchen design ideas 2016 built in wall
Integrated kitchen . This kitchen is under an arch that works as a library or storage area, almost more typical of a lounge with a kitchen. Oven, hob, drawers for utensils and pantry area, are completely organized behind sliding doors.

hidden kitchen surface with sliding or folding cover
Surface covert. Another option is to hide only the cooking area and / or water with a up and down lid, or can be moved aside to cover the burners, sink, or both, as needed.

In many homes today, kitchen shares space with the living room and a lot of people don't prefer that. They don't like the idea of Sitting on the couch watching TV or chatting with friends and cooking while they still within the same range, so there are designers who propose the option to hide a kitchen and present tens of hidden kitchen designs.

Hidden kitchen ideas from top manufacturers

standalone hidden kitchen designs and ideas
standalone hidden kitchen design
This hidden kitchen was designed by Dante Bonuccelli, It is more than just a kitchen, it is a kitchen box that Appears and Disappears as if by magic when necessary. The large doors slide and fold, disappearing into the side compartments with a light and fluid movement, thanks to the exclusive patented mechanism by Dada in the early 90's with Luca Meda. The lighting of these hidden kitchens is spectacular, with the back panel becoming a wall LED light illuminates the worktop, perfectly organized to meet every need. Wall units, opening progressively, complete the cabinets and integrate the hood.
freestanding modern hidden kitchens in cupboards
freestanding modern hidden kitchens

GAMADECOR models are quality kitchens that combine aesthetic perfection with practicality. A perfect combination of innovative design features embodies the latest trends; creating a harmonious ambiance. They stand for high quality design. With the focus on the finest materials and finishes, style, elegance and Continuously evolving design is paramount.

LOGOSSCOOP hidden kitchen design in cupboards
LOGOSSCOOP hidden kitchen design
This beautiful hidden kitchen project is developed by LOGOS . The challenge was to build a living room for a young woman who wanted a spacious, comfortable apartment, plus, she cooks quite a bit, and that's why she wanted a kitchen that will occupy a very little space. The result was this hidden kitchen design behind the orange doors. It is not only the original design, it is ideally suited to the overall picture of the room. This locker has all the functions of a conventional kitchen, although it can be considered as a furniture element.

hidden kitchen design behind sliding doors

Designed by the architect Massimo Castagna, the TK 38 is a timeless contemporary hidden kitchens, created for chefs and for people who love cooking. A new approach to the technical kitchen, Which no longer means simply steel finishes but is designed for actual food preparation functions with a choice of cooking methods, as just in a real professional kitchen: large worktops are Personalized with a variety of hobs for different cooking needs are combined with storage units of two different shapes, for base and wall installation, and doors manufactured to industrial kitchen standards. With impressive technological contents and original, innovative design, the Hidden Kitchen design TK 38 fits perfectly into the homes with architectural form, giving precise responses to real needs in terms of design and use.

smart designs of hidden kitchens in cupboards

hidden kitchens in cupboards for living space
hidden kitchens in cupboards for living space
smart wooden hidden kitchen designs
smart wooden hidden kitchen designs
ultra modern hidden kitchen design


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