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+30 Stunning Arched window curtains and treatment ideas

A lot of custom homes built nowadays include arched windows. There are many arched window treatments. The amount of light entering in the living space, determine the curtains type that works best. Some rooms may need arched window curtains that filtering light, while other rooms may require that blocks light completely. Some arch window curtain designs remain stationary, while others are adjusted to provide the right amount of light in a room.

Arched Windows Curtains: Elegant and functional

Arched windows or arched look give an attractive and elegant look to any room. However, sometimes it can be difficult to hang curtains that give the window its best design. The aim is to enrich the unusual shape rather than hide it. The arched window treatment you choose will also depend on your decorating style, you have to decide if you want functional curtains that completely block light or arch windows curtains that only play a decorative role.

Conventional CurtainsThe easiest arched window treatm…

10 Stunning starry sky stretch ceilings 2017 and installation tips

Today is the time when the false ceiling designs have earned wide popularity. Often they can be found not only in private homes, but in public areas, offices, shops, restaurants and cafes.
Stretched ceilings made of special PVC film allows you to create a perfectly flat and solid surface. Today, the quality of suspended ceilings greatly increased. The PVC ceiling film can withstand high loads, to one hundred kilograms and environmental effects as dust and dirt now will not cause additional problems. Today, almost every well-known manufacturer of false ceilings, you can find options for stretch design types that are suitable for large rooms. Modern technology makes it possible to implement it with virtually no seams.
ِAdvantages of PVC stretch ceilings
awesome suspended stretch ceiling design ideas 2017 starry sky

round stretch ceiling with starry sky design

One of the main advantages of suspended stretch ceiling designs is the chic appearance. The choice of textures is so huge that you can get lost. You can choose almost any stretched ceiling colors, any surface species - matte, glossy, and so on. In addition, there is a decorative finish textures and natural materials. The choice is huge, and to solve this serious problem - it is necessary to turn to a professional designer who will help you choose the invoice and determine the installation option. The easiest way to install the stretched false ceiling design from wall to wall, but modern technological opportunities enables virtually any of your desire or stretch ceiling design ideas.

space themed modern pVC stretch ceiling designs for kids bedroom

Customers are very fond of the starry sky stretched PVC ceiling . But there is also your choice is not limited to one solution. Its Glow can be achieved by means of special mounting fixtures, or an asterisk applied special paint that will glow in the dark. In addition, there is fiber, yarn is laid under the ceiling to create the effect of a starry sky with a minimum of energy, but in the afternoon the it looks unnatural. The choice of technology also depends on what you want to see during the day and the night. One stretch ceiling design looks better in the afternoon, another offers better starry sky. Most likely, the ideal is that at day looks ordinary and lights at night.

Starry sky suspended stretch ceiling designs

False stretch ceiling lighting for living room and hall

day sky stretch ceiling ideas for fresh modern living room designs

narrow living room with starry sky PVC stretch ceiling
starry sky stretched ceiling design for hall

modern stretched PVC ceiling design with starry lighting

dark PVC stretch ceiling design ideas

Starry sky Stretched ceiling ideas for bedrooms

stretch ceiling designs with stars for modern bedroom design 2017

suspended stretch ceiling design starry sky themed


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